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Session Work

Need brass recorded for your project? I'm prepared to record any of the following instruments in any style:

  • Tenor, Alto, and Bass Trombone

  • Trumpet

I'm always updating this list as I acquire new instruments, however if an instrument you need that isn't on this list feel free to contact me anyway - there's a chance I may have temporary access to said instrument!

Have a listen to some of my favorite examples of my work as a session musician!

Persona 5: Life Will Change Funk / Disco Cover by Charles Ritz & Friends
Buta Big Band - Rosalina in the Observatory 3: Chipwrecked! (Super Mario Galaxy Arrange)
Route 216 (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl) Big Band Jazz Arrangement || luminousmusic
Pokémon DPPt: Route 209 Big Band Jazz Arrangement (2020 Version)
Zelda: Majora's Mask "Clock Town" 16-Piece Brass Band
Zelda: Link's Awakening "Ballad of the Wind Fish" 16-Piece Brass Band
Super Mario Sunshine "Delfino Plaza" 16-piece Brass Band
Toy Box Jam - Kingdom Hearts III | Sax/Trombone Cover (ft. @EricLTrombone )

For all Session Work inquiries, contact me via email at or by filling out the Contact form at the bottom of my Home page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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