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Guest Artist

In addition to performing with or for students, I'm prepared to give a variety of clinics and masterclasses on different topics, including but not limited to:

  • How I Make YouTube Music Videos

    • In this clinic I dive into my process as a musician on YouTube. From writing the arrangement to recording and editing videos​, the audience is taken behind the curtain to learn what it takes to do what I do.​​

  • Home Recording​

    • In this clinic I dive into the specifics of home recording, including topics like the type of equipment I use, how to use it, how to post-production works, and more.

  • Being a Freelance Musician Today

    • In this clinic I pull back the curtain on how to actually make a living as a musician. We'll talk about the importance of an online presence and how to leverage it to find work in today's world, as well as ways you can create your own work.

  • Composition (Jazz & Traditional)

    • This is your typical masterclass format: a student work is performed (digitally or in real-time) and is given individualized feedback.

    • This topic is also available in the form of a live-composition clinic, in which I connect to a projector & sound system ​and walk students through my process.

  • Jazz Performance & Improvisation

    • This is your typical masterclass format: performance followed by individualized critique.

    • This clinic is also available in the form of a Guided Jam Session.​​​

For all Guest Artist inquiries (be it as a performer or a clinician), please contact me via email at, or by completing the Contact form at the bottom of my Home page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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